Top 5 beautiful destinations in Sikkim


Located in the North-eastern part of India, Sikkim has become one of the best tourist destinations in India and has around 8 lac domestic and International tourist visitors every year.
The second smallest State in India is known for its great hospitality and has recently been voted as the cleanest state in India.
The capital of Sikkim, Gangtok is 5500 ft above sea level and is a 4 hours drive from Siliguri in West Bengal.

1) Gurudongmar Lake:

       Located at a height of 17800 ft above sea level, Gurudongmar lake is one of the highest Lake in the world. The Holy Lake is considered sacred by many religions especially the Buddhists and the Hindus. The high altitude, milky white lake remains frozen during the winter months and is located at a distance of 190 km from the capital, Gangtok.

According to the legend, Guru Padmasambhava and Guru Nanak had visited the lake during the 15th century.

Due to the lower level of oxygen, tourists are advised not to stay there for more than 20-25 minutes.


1) Carry good quality camera when you travel here as you would be capturing one of the most exotic scenes ever.

2) Wear good quality woolen cloths and gloves as the temperatures are quite low.

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2) Tsongmo Lake:

Located at 12313 Ft above sea level, Tsongmo lake is a glacial lake and remains frozen in the winter months. To reach Tsongmo lake, which is 40 km from the capital, Gangtok, you will need to get the restricted area permit (RAP) from the tourism office or just get the services of a travel agent.

The lake is surrounded by steep mountains and offers an exotic view when the mountains are covered with snow.

Good news for the travelers, a cable car in Tsongmo, one of the highest altitude cable car in India has recently been inaugurated and the services have even been started.


1) Enjoy a ride on a Yak and take candid photos.

2) Have bowl of delicious, soupy maggi/waiwai to keep yourself warm.

3) Rent Gumboots, Gloves and Jackets from the shops on the way to the lake to enjoy yourself in the dense snow as well as keep yourself warm.

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3) Zero Point:

Located at an altitude of 15300 Ft above sea level, Zero point, also known as Yumesamdong is one of the top destinations in Sikkim to visit. The snow density is very high in the winter months and the cold wind velocity is also very high and thrilling. The road leading to the zero point is very rough and difficult but at the same time is quite thrilling and is worth experiencing.

The best time to visit zero point is in the months of March and Apirl as the roads are quite motorable during this time.

The place is covered with snow from December to May.


1) Rent Gumboots, Gloves and Jackets from the shops on the way to the lake to enjoy yourself in the dense snow as well as keep yourself warm.

2) Enjoy sliding down the snowy hills, its quite thrilling

3) Carry sunglasses to avoid damage to the eyes due to reflection of sunlight on the snow.


4) Yumthang Valley

Located at an elevation of about 11693 Ft above sea level, Yumthang Valley is natures sanctuary, with rivers and hot springs which is surrounded by the mountains of the Himalayas.

At a distance of 150 Km from the capital, it is popularly known as the valley of flowers, where the state flower, Rhododendron, blossoms during the period of late February till mid June.

One of the tributary of the river Teesta runs through the valley.

This place is one of the most picturesque place in North Sikkim when the valley is filled with multicolored and multiple varieties of flowers.

This is a great place for trekking.


5) Dzuluk

Located at a height of around 10000 Ft, Zuluk is a hamlet on the lower Himalayas.

This place gives exotic view of the eastern Himalayas and also the Kanchenjunga Mountain.

You would get to see snow in this region during the months of October to February

You might get to see deer, Red panda,  and Himalayan bear in this region and the area is surrounded by a good deal of Flora.

Zuluk can be reached in 4 hours which is 90 Km from the State capital, Gangtok.


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